Why You Must Market Your Beauty/Fashion Biz NOW!

  Girls (And Boys for that matter) that want to have fun in their business, Market, Market, Market... What's the point of having your business if you're not having fun??? If you're not having fun in your Beauty/Fashion Business it's probably because you're not promoting yourself.

Beauty/Fashion is an exciting field unlike other professions. Everyone wants to look better and feel better. https://www.platoforms.com/ If you are wondering where your clients are at, you might just find them if you Market, Market, Market. If you are a Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Fashion Designer, Wedding Planner, Life Coach, Style Expert or Florist you have to consistently promote yourself. What does that mean? Keep your product/service in front of people at all times. Think about the major Fashion/Beauty Brands that you love. https://www.thefashionstation.in/ They are highly visible in the marketplace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

Repetition is Key to Marketing

Repetition is Key to Marketing

Research suggests that prospects need to encounter your Beauty/Fashion Business (or any business for that matter) between 7 and 12 times before they are ready to purchase. So, put yourself in front of your target market over and over again. Most people worry that they are bothering people when in fact people are bombarded with so many messages per day that one try is not enough. The average person is exposed to over 13,000 marketing messages per day. If you want to remain visible and not get lost in the shuffle, you Market, Market, Market...

Yes, I know marketing doesn't sound glamorous, but it can be when you see the rewards from your efforts. Furthermore you can make it chic, trendy & ultra savvy when you bring your own style to the marketing equation!

Marketing is the reason you will get clients and ultimately fill your bank account. So let's look at ways you can market your Beauty/Fashion Business Now.

1. Create professional profiles via social media

2. Post your profile on professional sites for Beauty/Fashion Biz owners

3. Send out a newsletter

4. Send a postcard

5. Put out a FREE Press Release

6. Put your business card/flyer on local bulletin boards at the coffee shop

7. Put an opt-in box on your website

8. Host an event in your community

9. Joint Venture

10. Ask for Referrals

11. Post on your blog/or someone else's

12. Align yourself with a non-profit

13. Pick up the phone/Follow up

14. Join a targeted networking group

15. Talk to everyone about your business (Yes, that's marketing too...)

Remember if you want business 6 months from now you market today, that's the beauty of marketing!